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A community of highly trained professionals engaged in a constant battle to eradicate the world of the word BULLYING


Everyone has the right to feel safe from fear


BRIAN TRAINOR came to life at the turn of the millennium. In the year 2000 a young police constable approached Sgt. Brian Trainor, then with the Saskatoon Police Service, and asked him to draw a colouring page for her to use in a presentation to Grade 5 students on bullying. Thinking the students were too old for a colouring page, Sgt. Trainor proposed he write and draw a bullying comic book instead. “Jason’s Nightmare” was born.

As a trained commercial artist, and cartoonist Sgt. Brian Trainor,, threw himself into telling the story. Jason, a young teen living a life marred by anger, family dysfunction and violence, learns that the only method of getting his needs met is through aggression…bullying.

Local groups eagerly donated sufficient funding to have 21,000 copies of “Jason’s Nightmare” printed along with the accompanying Teacher’s Guide books. The Saskatchewan Community Schools organization in Saskatoon ensured the comics were delivered province wide to Grade 5 classes. A passion had been ignited, and the momentum suddenly exploded as requests for school presentations became a daily occurrence.

Shortly after the printing of “Jason’s Nightmare”, Sgt. Trainor was transferred to the Fraud Squad. Investigating files where scams targeted older adults become his speciality, and he was one of the only police detectives in the country to investigate Power of Attorney abuse. It became immediately clear that most of these cases were examples of out and out bullying. The victims may be much older, yet the actions of the aggressors were identical to school yard bullying complete with threats, abuse, harassment, physical and psychological harm. Once again bullying reared its ugly head.

Determined to tackle the hidden problem of financial abuse of seniors, Brian wrote a book titled STOP FRAUD published in 2006. He identifies 12 of the most common scams, and offers ways to recognize the scam along with methods of staying safe. The book took off, and formed the basis of presentations across Canada on the topic of protecting seniors from financial bullies.

After retiring in 2006, Sgt. Trainor embarked on an 8 year journey with Affinity Credit Union based in Saskatoon as their Community Education Consultant. A very progressive minded financial institution, Affinity Credit Union backed him up as he exposed the public to the harm that various forms of bullying can do to a person. Whether that aggression was financial, psychological, physical, or online, the results were always the same…a victim living in fear and shame. Through Affinity Credit Unions partnership with him, Brian was able to spread that we all have a right to live our lives free of fear, free of harassment, and free of bullying. Millions of people around the world have seen his postings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram.

As he criss-crossed the country on a monthly basis spreading the “Word of Fraud” as he liked to call his workshops, Sgt. Trainor was still being asked to speak at schools across the country on bullying, and as cellphones became more and more available, cyberbullying. Having been trained in investigating internet scams by the RCMP gave him a solid grounding to give workshops on cyberbullying. The anonymity, the lies, and the aggressiveness were all the same.

In the course of giving up to 30, one hour cyberbullying workshops in schools monthly across Canada, as well as sessions for parents and teachers, Sgt. Trainor, and his “brother-in-law”, Staff Sgt. Mark Eisenzimmer, retired from the Regina Police Service, wrote the book, BULLY 4U.

“Everyone in high school wants to be popular, everyone except for Victoria, a punk who loves dressing in black torn clothing, and wearing thick layers of goth makeup on her pretty, but petite face, With a 12” tall black Mohawk, Victoria stands out in the crowd.

She looks like a “don’t mess with me”, bully but she’s not.
She’s the victim.

Tiffany Beaumont, the leader of the popular girls, “The Untouchables”, decides who survives high school and who doesn’t. A thumb up and you’re safe. A thumb down, well, bad things happen to you.

Victoria got a thumb down.

BULLY 4U is available at and is bought by most schools Sgt. Trainor talks at for their libraries.

Passion driven by empathy becomes a force stronger than an erupting volcano. Nothing can stop the fury of Mother Nature when she decides to let loose, just as nothing can stop the momentum of a movement based on feeling the pain of others, and a willingness to reduce or eliminate it. That’s what BRIAN TRAINOR has become…a force based on empathy geared to BUILDING COURAGE.

We all have the courage inside to make tough decisions when faced with life or death circumstances, It’s when our bodies react to situations of aggression with a sudden tsunami of adrenaline thinking we are about to be eaten by a Sabre Toothed Tiger, that we struggle with the need to be brave, and strong. Building courage is our passion. It’s our “WHY” as Simon Sinek so perfectly asks in his ground breaking book, “Start With Why.” What is your “WHY”? “WHY” do you get out of bed each morning? At BRIAN TRAINOR, stopping the scourge of bullying is our “WHY”.