Brian Trainor

Building Courage

Workshops for Students

In this workshop I “deputize” the students then take them through the process of investigating a bank robbery. We explore what they, as police detectives, would look for at the scene of a crime.


This workshop is very similar to the Teen Cyberbullying workshop, also a one-hour workshop based of the premise that we don’t know each other as well as we think we do.


Workshops for Parents

We, as parents, have a duty to ensure that our kids know how to use an electronic device, and to do so in a responsible manner. You are not their friend, buddy or pal. You are their parent. Cyberbullying, phone apps, gaming systems, depression, and anxiety are all explored.


Workshops for Educators

Workshops for Seniors

The “Old Boys Club”, and the “Popular Girls” are alive and well, though decades older. Time and again I have found that as we get older, our attitudes and opinions regarding somethings may change, yet what doesn’t change are behaviors we learned as children that have served us well through the years but are now a detriment to ourselves and those around us. Aggression is just such behavior.


Workshops for Business

The goal of this one hour workshop is to break the cycle of bullying, abuse, neglect, harassment and interpersonal work violence through education and awareness.