Bystander Workshop

GRADE: K – 3


As a trained commercial artist, newspaper cartoonist, and a police composite artist I have the ability to draw most people. In this workshop I “deputize” the students then take them through the process of investigating a bank robbery. We explore what they, as police detectives, would look for at the scene of a crime. The responses can be very funny but also very telling about what shows they are allowed to watch on television.

After 5 minutes have passed, I have the principal walk into the classroom or gym and hand me a note. He/she then leaves. I ask the kids who that person was and they tell me, “The principal.” I reply that the principal is the bank robber and they are now the witnesses. They have to describe the principal to me and I’ll draw that person on the white board. At the end the principal returns and we compare the drawing to the real person.

Learning Objective:

1) Observation
The students see the principal daily, but do they really look at that person?
How well do they notice details?

2) Memory
When they are online or on the playground and see bullying, do they recall who said what, and who did what to whom?

3) Digital Citizenship
How comfortable are they online?
Can they find where they saw the cyberbullying?
Do they know what to do if they see something online that is upsetting?

4) Bullying Roles
Are they familiar with the three roles involved in a bullying incident, victim, bully and the bystander?
As bystanders, do they know how to react?
Do they know who to tell?

5) Empathy
Are they aware of their feelings about what they are seeing?
Are they willing to help those who aren’t strong enough to stand up for themselves?
How would it feel if they were the target of a bully or cyberbully?