Tweens Cyberbullying Workshop

GRADE: 4-8


This workshop is very similar to the Teen Cyberbullying workshop, also a one-hour workshop based of the premise that we don’t know each other as well as we think we do. This workshop is more age appropriate for Grades 4-8 as we talk about the sharing app Snapchat however, unless the principal agrees that the topic of sexting should be discussed, a more sanitized version of that discussion takes place with talk surrounding inappropriate pictures” instead. With the advent of puberty around Grade 7, many tweens find themselves suddenly thrown into a deep, cesspool of hormones and emotions that they find confusing and scary at times. We concentrate on the mind of a tween as they venture into a time of their lives where emotions rule.

Learning Objective:

1) We are all different, but know nothing about each other. Empathy, inclusion, patience and acceptance are explored in a highly charged, emotional workshop designed to have a strong impact on those in attendance.

2) How do cellphones impact the lives of our youth? The positives and the negatives to an addiction that is as strong as any other substance we become dependent on.

3) Which apps are our kids on and why? Are there certain apps that should never be on your child’s cellphone?

4) What is bullying/cyberbullying, how does it affect the target, the bully, and the bystander? What steps can you take to minimize cyberbullying as the target, bully or the bystander?

5) What are the most common types of cyberbullies and why do they occur? What can you do to stop them in their tracks?

6) The “mean girls” are alive and well in the hallways of your school. What can you do to prevent them from becoming a force to be reckoned with?

7) Is bullying/cyberbullying a crime? What laws directly relate to these incidents?

8) How do parents, teachers and other adults become involved in preventing cyberbullying?

9) Why does it seem that teens overreact with emotions instead of using common sense? Is there a biological factor at play or is it simply hormonal?

10) What is Snapchat and why are kids flocking to it in droves? Is it dangerous?

11) Digital Footprint and Digital Citizenship…what are they and why are they the two most important concepts that teens need to learn?