“The Power of a Respectful Workplace”

(Workplace Harassment/Bullying Workshop)



The goal of this one hour workshop is to break the cycle of bullying, abuse, neglect, harassment and interpersonal work violence through education and awareness. The laws surrounding workplace harassment will be discussed, bullying and bad behavior defined, and terms such as “Prohibited Grounds” will be explained. The role of the OHS Legislation and the responsibilities of both management, and the employees will be laid out.

Learning Objective:

1) What is workplace harassment? How does it differ from bullying?
2) What does the law say about harassment at work? Prohibited Grounds?
3) What are my responsibilities as the boss, employee or the union representative?
4) How do I deal with bad behavior, bullying, and harassment?
5) What are the characteristics of a respectful workplace? Disrespectful workplace?
6) Can unpleasant at times NOT be bullying or harassment?
7) Define harassment for me and what does the OHS Act say about it?
8) Describe sexual harassment? Personal Harassment?
9) What is bullying, and how does it occur at work?
10) What is meant by Lateral Violence?
11) What about management’s right to manage?
12) What is the prevalence and harmful effects of bullying in the workplace?
13) Explain diversity, cultural sensitivity, and ageism in the workplace?
14) Intent versus Impact; Assertive versus Aggressive
15) I hate conflict so how do I deal with it? Resolve it? Eliminate it?